Monday, January 14, 2013


Siblings. There is something very similar in all of our babies. You can immediately tell they are related. However, each of our kiddos are very different and bring new things to our family!! Maddox is our socialite and the rule follower. Toys are played with according to the directions and there is no grey in his world. It is all black and white. Paxton is very much NOT social, he is more timid but he is our fire cracker. He prefers to play alone and he uses his imagination to build and play without looking at the directions and do not try to tell him other wise!!
While it is hard to tell too much with Harper at this point, I would say she falls somewhere in the middle. She smiles at people and enjoys being around others. She does not like to be alone (just like Maddox), but she is content to play some by herself (just like Paxton). She does not sleep through the night (just like Maddox) but she does not always wake up angry (just like Paxton). 
I am blessed to watch these 3 grow and develop!! Such a crazy and beautiful journey!!

Here is sweet Paxton at about 7 months old

And here is baby sister Harper at 6 months old. 

Can you see the similarities?

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