Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Maddox is 5

Oh my sweet Maddox, you turned 5 years old today!! Oh my mercy. How is it possible that you are already reaching such a major milestone as a big 5 year old. If I allow myself to sit and think about it too long, I start to get sad as I realize just how fast you are growing up. The years with you as my baby are no more as you are now a big boy! I cannot sit and wallow in the fact that you are no longer a baby, but rejoice with you as you grow into a wonderful young boy!!
We are so very proud of you and I am thrilled that God picked me to be your mommy! You are so full of life. You are curious, thoughtful, caring, and so very smart. You pick up on new tasks so quickly. You learned to ride a bike in one try up the drive way. You potty trained with the simple words "keep your underwear dry"and you memorize books very easily. You are such a wonderful social little guy. You carry on conversations like an adult and you really enjoy talking.
You have a tender heart and can easily get your feelings hurt and yet you can be so brave a tough when you need to be. You are so kind, carrying and thoughtful with your baby sister. You truly are her very best friend! You and Paxton have some fun times together (when you aren't fighting over toys) and your best times together are at night before you fall asleep. The giggles that can be heard from your room bring joy to my soul!
I am so excited to see what this year brings for you! I pray you continue to have confidence in yourself and you try new things. I pray that you continue to use your imagination and enjoy pretending to be super heros and army heros! I pray when you start kindergarden that you surround yourself with good, kind, respectful friends. I pray you look out for others who don't make friends as easily as you do. I pray that you have an amazing teacher with a heart to teach you and watch you learn. I pray you are thankful for all the blessings in your life. I pray you realize how special you are to your daddy and me!
Maddox Bradley, we love you to the moon and back!!

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