Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Potty Mouth

Paxton James has done absolutely fantastic with potty training. He is 100% potty trained including through nap and night time! He does great at school and out in public. He has even started taking himself to the potty without telling me. He will go teetee then walk to me in the other room with his pants and his ankles. Ha. He can get the pants pulled down but can't pull them back up. 

The craziest part about Paxton potty training is now all of the sudden he is speaking like a big boy. He is speaking in full sentences ALL the time. It is almost as though potty training and his speech were related. My theory is now he feels like he is in control of something and now he has the freedom to speak when he desires. I am so thankful for this new found freedom for our little man and I'm so proud of the little boy he is becoming. 
Now, off to work on that bohemian temper and guiding him to use his words to speak his need rather than just getting angry! Here's to our new world with a potty trained and extremely verbal little man!

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