Thursday, January 17, 2013


It is amazing how quickly kids change. Maddox is 5 years old (how is that possible?) writing his letters  and numbers, showing signs of learning to read, becoming more creative and independent.  Paxton is talking up a storm, potty trained, attends mother's day out and is becoming a very creative (and very strong willed) little boy. Harper is 6 months old, eating solid foods, sleeping in her bed, "talking", grabbing anything in sight and a little rolly polly...rolling all over the place.

It's crazy to think that this time last year our sweet Harper was only the size of a lemon, developing in my belly. Maddox had just turned 4, was attending preschool, could recognize his letters and numbers but couldn't write, he never played alone and was extremely dependent on me. Paxton had not turned two yet, he rarely spoke, we had just started speech therapy, he was afraid of EVERYTHING, still wore footed pjs and slept in a crib 
Looking back at where we were a year ago is a wonderful reminder of just how quickly time goes by when raising our children. I have to remember to slow down, make great memories and constantly repeat "this too shall pass". There are plenty of days with three kids so young and close in age that I am wishing for tomorrow, a better day, less fighting, more sleep, etc. Time already goes by too quickly. What am I doing to make today count in my kids life? What memory are they going to have together? Let's bake some cookies, go on a walk, simply live life together because sadly, tomorrow will get her too quickly and I will be wishing for today once again!
Paxton and Maddox holding 'baby Harper"

And now the TRIO today! Oh so blessed
While I am sad to see how quickly time goes by with kiddos, I am SO thankful that this time this year we have our precious daughter in the mix!! Now, you three stop growing up so quickly!!!

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