Sunday, December 13, 2009

End of an Era

Okay, so let me be honest here...I have not been great at updating our blog mainly for silly reasons....I read a lot of fun blogs and it seems these people I read about always have such creative and articulate ways of updating the day to day things in their lives; however, I have found myself in a slump, I do not feel creative and I don't want to bore those of you who actually read this thing, but if I am being honest with myself, I have to remember this blog is for our family, to keep up with the day to day sometimes not so exciting stuff, and I want to do better at documenting what WE are up to and by WE. I mostly mean Maddox and little baby Voda (aka the DEUCE).
So, let me start with what we did this past week.....hmmmm.....Maddox hit another major milestone in his 23 months of life....he is now sleeping in his big boy bed and is doing marvelously! One evening this week Brad asked him if he wanted to go to bed in his big boy bed and Maddox responded with a simple "OK" so after trying to briefly prepare him that he would not be in his crib and he could not get out of bed until morning, Maddox went to sleep in his bed!! The first night he wanted one of us to lay with him for a little bit and I did for a few minutes, but I did not want him to get used to that so I had to walk out of there and he cried for maybe 30 seconds and we did not hear another sound out of him the rest of the night...until 9am the next morning!!! YIPPPEE!!! We are so so so proud of him....he has been sleeping in the big bed ever since and there is no turning fact, I took the sheet off his crib, washed it and put it away. The crib remains in his room until we can move it into the nursery which is still serving its purpose as a guest room for a little while longer! I have not been a huge crier with major milestones such as crawling, walking, first words, etc.; however, when we moved the rocker out of his room into the nursery and now that he is no longer in his crib I did shed a few tears. I learned to cherish the nights up rocking Maddox as he buried his head into my chest and actually cuddled with me, and I remember all those long nights when Maddox could not sleep in his crib because his poor tummy hurt him so badly. I remember wondering if he would EVER sleep in his crib, then he turned into a fantastic sleeper who loved his crib, he never tried to climb out, and never seemed to be uncomfortable in there. I loved peaking in on him, seeing his little bottom up in the air as he slept soundly in the beautiful crib that I seriously thought would never get any use! Now, when I peak in on him, his little bottom is up in the air, he is turned sideways in his big boy bed and he looks so big and grown up. That was the last of the "baby" he is now my almost 2 year old, running circles around his momma, toddler who is full of energy, spunk, attitude and all things "big boy" While I am sad to see this era end, I am so proud of him and so thankful for such an easy transition from crib to bed!

2 months old, laughing in his crib, but NOT sleeping in his crib yet!!

6 months old, playing in crib

7 months old, sleeping in crib!!

9 months old, standing in crib to greet me after his nap!!

In baby Voda (the DEUCE) news, we had a doctor's appointment on Thursday and we heard the little heart beat for the first time...oh what a precious moment that always is! Everything sounded great, beating at about 140-150 (which is what Maddox's was) and I am measuring around 18 weeks gestation. Our next appointment is January 7th and we will have the big ultrasound where we can hopefully see the sex of this little one! I was a little sad that we have to wait so long, but at least I will be far enough along that there should not be any doubts as to if baby Voda is a boy or a girl....and I am excited that we will have this exciting appointment the day before our first born turns 2!! While we watch an era come to a close in Maddox's world, we are so thankful to have another little one to soon fill this crib and our hearts with joy!!

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