Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Little baby Voda

Do you hear  feel what I feel??? Little baby Voda is kicking, stretching and swimming away in its nice, cozy home my belly and I have to admit it is such a sweet surreal feeling especially the second time around because I am a litttle more aware of the difference in baby movement and weird tummy movements! I am trying to cherish every squirm, kick, punch, and roll  as much as possible because I am well aware that this is probably the last time I will have a little one growing in my belly! The guest room nursery is mostly cleaned out and ready to have a coat or two of paint on the walls (anxiously awaiting to know which colors I will be using) decorations hung, and a beautiful crib and bedding to make this room perfect for the little one that is wiggiling inside me!! Thank you Jesus for this precious gift!


Morgan said...

How awesome. You're not to far behind me so I understand getting those sudden kicks and rolls :) What dr are you going to? Im sure Maddox will be a great big brother :)

lkalivoda said...

Hi Morgan!!! I am using Dr. Burley and so far I really like her. Have you found a doctor here since you moved back???

Morgan said...

Does she still have the same office with Dr Broome? They are who I saw with Addi. I am actually seeing Dr Broome again :)