Thursday, December 31, 2009


Sometimes there are little boy footprints on my freshly mopped and still a little damp floor.
Sometimes there are so many hot wheel cars on the ground that you can no longer see the rug.
Sometimes my son makes me laugh so hard I cry
Sometimes my son tests my patience so much I feel like crying.
Sometimes I wonder how on earth our son can be so smart (then I take a look at his daddy and am reminded that he inherited that mechanical mind and brilliance from him)
Sometimes I find dry cereal smooched on the carpet and little hand prints all over the refrigerator
Sometimes I am asked for more hugs in a single day than I ever thought possible.....I would not change that for a second!
Sometimes I am given an amazing "back rub" by a toy car
Sometimes I look back over the last two years and cannot remember our lives without the Madd-man and wonder what on earth we ever did past 8pm
Sometimes I am certain I do not deserve the love I receive from my two boys
All the time I am certain this is the best life for me

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