Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A little of This, A little of That

I will worn you from the beginning, this post will be a bit random with a little of this, a little of that! Well this has been a pretty eventful week which is pretty obvious through my lack of blogging. Maddox is doing much better from his ear infection and seems to be his normal sweet spirited self these days; although, he was not at all interested in eating today which is VERY unusual for him and he had one super nasty diaper late this evening, so I will be keeping an eye on him to make sure everything is alright. I think he is working on another 2yr molar which would make me not very hungry either.
The most eventful part of this week has been that our sweet Granny has been sick and in the hospital battling chest pains again. They did an angiogram yesterday to take a look at her heart and get a better picture of what is going on....they can see no major blockage this time (she has had several bypass surgeries in the past and currently has a pacemaker) while this is good news, it seems after the angiogram she kept getting sick and throwing up which we all assumed was due to the anesthesia at first but it just did not seem to let up any; therefore, they took a sample to the lab and it shows signs of blood so her GI Dr. is now involved and will do a scope tomorrow to see where she is bleeding. Please keep her in your prayers...bless her sweet little heart she wants to be home for Christmas so badly and we are just praying she can feel back to her normal feisty self really soon.

I cannot believe Christmas Eve is tomorrow....I am so excited to spend time with my family and create memories for a lifetime. Maddox is very interested in baby Jesus and it just melts my heart. The other day at Target he saw all the Christmas trees and lights up and got very excited and said "CHRISTMAS" in his sweet excited voice, I said "yes, isn't it very pretty" and he looked up at me with those serious brown eyes of his and sweetly said "baby Jesus" Oh, I almost burst into tears standing right there in the job as a mom was complete in that moment! I am so proud of this little man and continue to be in awe that our Savior came to earth as a precious little baby and I am sure he made Mary and Joseph laugh on a daily basis, just as our little boy does!!

Maddox with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus...or as we like to call them Kameron, Jason and Mollie

Sweet pic of Maddox and his Tickle Me Elmo that Grandma and Papa Voda gave him.

Oh how serious

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