Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas 2013

It's so sad that Christmas has come and gone (although technically we are still celebrating in our house since the decor is still rockin'). We had a fantastic Christmas with all of our families and I am so sad to report we did not get very many pictures to document the occasions. I will do my best to write out what we did so we can look back years from now and remember the Christmas of 2013.
Lets see, we started off with a road trip to Oklahoma City to visit Brad's parents and his brother and beautiful sister-in-law. The kiddos had a fabulous time and I have to brag on miss Harper. She seriously is the easiest baby (well the easiest we've ever had...hahahah). She traveled the 6 hour car ride and hardly made a peep. She slept in unfamiliar rooms like a complete champ and she easily adapted to the house at the farm without trying to destroy anything. I vividly remember how much I dreaded traveling with the boys were about her age because it was a constant task to walk behind them and keep them out of stuff. She just goes with the flow and has a great time doing it.
The boys did great as well. They get to stay with Grandma and Grandpa while Brad, Harper and I stay at Brandon and Ashley's house. The boys love it and are always anxious for us to leave for the night (they get to stay up later than usual, eat snacks and watch cartoons upstairs....heaven for little boys). There was a pretty big rain/ice storm while we were there, causing slippery roads, heavy heavy tree limps and some electrical outages due to the tree limbs breaking....but overall it was an easy trip for us to travel in (unlike last year...we had to leave on Christmas Eve due to a massive snow/ice storm that was heading towards OKC). We enjoyed our stay and made great memories with Grandmom, Grandad, and Brandon and Ashley. 
We arrived back to Lubbock started to prep for Christmas Eve with just our family of 5. We attended church, ate snacky foods for dinner, opened new pajamas, a movie and board game. We read the Christmas Story from the kids bible and ate a gluten-free (or as we call it in our house Paxton OK) cupcake as we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. We had to get the boys out of bed to put cookies and milk out for Santa because this momma forgot. Everyone slept great and we had to wake everyone up to see what Santa brought for them. They kids loved it. Maddox got a plasma car, a projector drawing thing and new handcuffs (that Santa knew that the little brother and broken his last pair of handcuffs...sneaky Santa). Paxton got a balance bike, a new car track and blue car....he was very specific with Santa that he wanted a new toy blue car. Harper received a little tykes shopping cart, a new baby doll and a toy cash register. It was a success.
We got everyone loaded up and headed to Christmas celebration and my Mom and Paul's. We were all spoiled rotten and loved every minute of it.  The kids are at such a great age where opening presents gets easier and more enjoyable. Harper and Henley are still a bit young but they are both so laid back that they just go with the flow although Harper certainly LOVED her new baby doll and little baby doll bed/carrier. She lit up and hugged and kissed that baby in pure joy. The boys and Mollie-Moo loved everything in every new box they opened and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. Our Christmas lunch was delicious and it was fun to watch the kiddos play together.
We waited until the weekend to do our final Christmas celebration at my Dad and Kelly's. It was a wonderful day there as well. Once again the kiddos were blessed with so many new clothes and awesome toys, the cousins played well together and our lunch together was nice. Brad had to work that day and we had company coming so I had to gather everyone up after lunch and head home for naps.
With all the new toys, it sure has been nice to have new entertainment in the house, especially for the boys. They eagerly go play in the basement and haven't started arguing nearly as much (I know my time is limited on this one, they are only 5 and 3, but for now I will take it and appreciate it while it lasts)

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