Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Harper Grace is 18 Months Old

Sheesh how is she already a year and a half old? My mercy time with her just goes by so quickly as I am chasing after her and her two big brothers. She continues to bring such joy to our family and I am more and more thankful for her every single day.
What are you up to these days Harper Grace?
-weighing about 25 pounds
-wearing size 12-18 month clothes (although getting close to needing the 18-24 month size)
-size 5/6 shoe
-size 4 diaper
-drinking organic, hormone free, lactose free milk (we attempted regular lactose free milk and she turned into a beast which is so uncharacteristic for her. We also attempted organic, hormone free REGULAR milk and she seemed fine with it)
-If you are tired at all, you will not eat anything. You like most fruits and anything you can hold and eat yourself
-you have been sleeping great. Going to bed about 7:30 and sleeping until 9am. WOW
-you LOVE baby dolls. I mean LOVE them like I have never seen a baby girl love baby dolls. You hug them, kiss them, carry them with you, sleep with them. You always want a baby with you and I think it is absolutely adorable.
-you LOVE your baby cousin Ruby Grace. I mean, love her like you want to hold her and squeeze her and never let her go kind of love. It's sweet and dangerous at the same time. Ha. We got to watch Ruby the other evening and I have never seen you get as excited as you did when we held you up to see inside the infant carrier. You get this super cute/kinda freaky giggle and you hug yourself while you look at her. HAHAHA. I was giving Ruby Grace her bottle and you carried your baby doll and bottle over to me and climbed up in the chair beside me wanted to feed your baby too. But let's be honest, it didn't end as cute as I have it pictured here, you got REALLY mad that I wouldn't switch bottles with you and let your baby doll have the real bottle while Ruby Grace sucked down the fake, watch the milk magically disappear bottle. Ha. Brad had to intervene and get you ready for bed. You were just too overwhelmed with all the babieness.
-you have an ornery streak in you. You think it is hilarious to steal Paxton's Ribbit (his most beloved sleep buddy) and take off running. He freaks out and you giggle. You have also started running away from me a few times when you know you need a diaper change. Not cool kid
-you are starting to talk more and more these days. You can officially say: dadda, momma, Gigi, doggie, see, ice, please (peas), baby, thank you (tank ew) and you've got a lot of gibberish
-you have started giving kisses. OH my mercy this is my favorite. You pucker up your lips and lean in to kiss and you even make a little smacking sound. I love to receive a dozen of these a day, but I also love to watch you kiss your baby dolls and your daddy. So precious.
Oh my sweet Harper you continue to bring us such joy and laughter. You are so much fun to be around and I love your laid back personality.

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