Thursday, January 16, 2014


Oh our sweet eldest little boy is sick sick sick. I mentioned in the previous post that he came home from school not feeling very well so I kept him home from school today. Well, after nap, he started running a pretty high fever  and our nurse practitioner told us to come in for a flu test today. Welp, he most definitely has the flu (the test came back positive within seconds) with the body aches, high fever, nasty cough and over all feeling crummy. Poor baby. He is handling it well (as well as you can at 6 years old) and he has now started some medicine to try to help it. Paxton has also started the meds in hopes to prevent catching it and we are instructed to keep a close eye on Harper and call the office if she starts running fever and they will start her on the meds as well (she cannot have them as a preventative measure until she is 2). Please join me in praying for a rapid recovery and that no one else catches it. (As a side note, when I informed his teacher that he tested positive for the flu she informed me that 4 other kids in his class tested positive for it as well....sheesh, 5 kids out of 14 all out with the flu at one time.....nasty nasty bug).

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