Monday, January 6, 2014

A New Beginning

I have to brag a little bit on the pure awesomeness of our sweet boy, Maddox. Brad and I made the difficult decision to change schools for Maddox (and ultimately Paxton and Harper as well). We simply felt the opportunities at his new school are tremendous and they will highly benefit our trio of kiddos. We prayed over it, toured, re-toured the school and finally decided if we were going to make the switch to just go ahead and do it and start him for his second semester of Kindergarten.
Maddox is such a social, go getter kid and he took the news of the switch of schools like a champ. He was excited and never showed an ounce of anxiety or fear about starting new. As we walked him into his new school today, I could tell he was a little apprehensive but he never voiced it and assured me he was great and was going to make new friends. Well, sure enough he just marched himself into his new class sat down to listen to the story being read and never looked back. He LOVED it and already had kiddos hugging him today as he left.
I truly admire my child. He is brave. He is strong. He is fearless. He is confident. He is a socialite and a kid other kids love to be around. He sees the world in rose colored glasses and he handled himself with such grace today.
Oh my sweet boy, your spirit is breathtaking! You are going to change the change mine everyday.

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