Wednesday, January 15, 2014


 Oh the difference a year makes!! When I opened my computer this morning, my iphoto opened to this day last year, and this is the picture that appeared:

 Oh my sweet, chunky Harper Grace sporting her leopard tights, boots and a super cute, I decided to dress her similarly and do a little she is today:
 Sporting her leopard tights, gold boots and the same super cute bow (thanks Grandmom Voda). WOW! It is fascinating to see how quickly they grow up and how much changes in a years time!!
 Harper and Daddy at lunch (despite the non smile from Brad, he really was having a good time....and this was Harper giving her "bashful" smile. HA)

It is also fun to see how far Paxton has come in a years time. He is becoming much more social and such a spunky kiddo. He was SO loving today. I think he told me he loved me a good thousand times and it was the sweetest most sincere words from my little man. So proud of how far he has come and the little boy he is becoming. His teacher said he is doing well at school and learning to express himself by using his words rather than crying or getting angry. Oh and he is getting SO skinny. The kiddo doesn't eat a ton and he is growing taller but not wider. His pants have to be cinched in as far as they will go because he needs the size 3 for length but could still wear 24 months for his tiny little waist. Such an opposite of Maddox at this age. Maddox was such a chubby little baby that he had to have the bigger pants for his waist and we had to roll the pant leg so he wouldn't trip over it!!
nothing better than a cheeto snack after school

And this little man is doing so good at his new school. We absolutely LOVE his new teacher and he is learning so much everyday. He is exhausted when he gets home in the afternoons and crashes in bed at about 7pm. He came home from school feeling pretty crummy today, so off to the doctor we went. He has a viral infection and swollen sinus cavities. Nothing contagious unless he gets a fever, but he was so pitiful this afternoon, he actually started crying in the car after school because his throat hurt so badly. Poor kiddo.
Handsome fella in his chapel attire for school

And here we are this evening. The Kalivoda trio are all in bed and we are partying it up with miss Ruby Grace while her mommy and daddy have a date night!!!

Seriously....could she be any cuter!?! 

Welp, that was a super random post, but that is life around here. Full of love and very random!!

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