Monday, January 18, 2010

Birthday Party

It has been just over a week since we celebrated the little man's 2nd birthday and boy do we have a lot of pictures to share!! We had a fish themed party with a few friends and family...the party was very laid back and just a simple celebration of another year with Maddox. I loved everything about the party and Maddox seemed to have a blast. I love having all 3 sets of grandparents together at one time and watching them all love on our sweet boy. Thank you all for celebrating with us and helping us create special memories to share with Maddox!!!
Dennis and Murlon...aka Grandma and PaPa Voda, drove down a few days before and Maddox LOVED playing cars and ANYTHING else he could get papa and grandmom to play with him....Murlon helped me make some awesome fish shaped cupcakes that turned out super cute!! Then Saturday, Aunt Kim and her boyfriend Austin drove in to celebrate as well. Thank you guys so much for driving the long and boring 6 hours to love on your little nephew...he still asks for "Kimmy" at random times throughout the day :)
Thanks mom for all your help decorating, baking cookies, getting all the snacks ready and all the other thousand things you did for us that day...especially letting us have the party at your beautiful home! What great memories that I know I will cherish for a life time!!!

And finally, here are the pictures. Thank you Sarah for taking the pictures (which I LOVE by the way); thus allowing me to focus on the birthday boy and not so worried about snapping a great picture! You are the greatest!!!

The Kalivoda's

Nanny, PopPop, and Uncle J (Aunt Kam and Mollie were unable to join us because Mollie was sick...we sure did miss you guys!!)

Me and CiCi

Me, Brad's arm, and the super cute cupcake Murlon and I made

Blowing out the candle (we did this about 15 or so times...he really enjoyed blowing out that candle!)


Maddox and his friend Spencer enjoying some cake

Gigi and her little man

Daddy and Maddox enjoying the fully automatic NERF dart gun from Uncle Brandon (I'm still not sure who enjoys this toy better, Brad or you see the smile on Brad's face....thanks Uncle Brandon, it is a huge hit)

Excited about his new dump truck

"Helping" PopPop get a toy out of a box

Pure excitement

Checking out the loot....this boy was spoiled rotten...thanks again everyone!

Riding his new scooter from PopPop and Nanny

"The first Kalivoda to dunk" Thanks Gigi and PaPa for the basketball goal...Maddox still gets super excited when he makes a basket!

So sweet

A man on a mission (Retrieving the darts for his gun)

Papa and Cici

Austin, Aunt Kim, Grandmom and Papa

Aunt Kim holding Maddox up so he can see his new fish take that we got him...we still have all 5 fish alive and far at least :)

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LovelyLadyCakes said...

you are so pretty..and that fishy cupcake soooo cute. Did someone make those like you! If you did super cute, I'm hiring you...LOL..