Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Small Bump in the Road

Well, it is definitely true that no two pregnancies are alike....and this statement becomes more and more clear almost everyday during this pregnancy with Paxton. For starters, I was not sick at all with Maddox, gained weight like crazy (probably because I was NOT sick and had an awesome appetite), no pre-term contractions...everything went as smoothly as you could hope with not even a tiny bump in the road. Well, this pregnancy I was sick for the entire first trimester and at least half of the second trimester with bouts of nausea still occurring every once and a while. I have not gained weight so easily (probably because I was sick so frequently) and was told to start "bulking" up and I have pre-term contractions almost all day everyday. Bringing me to TODAY. We had another adventure at labor and delivery this afternoon as we attempted to get the crazy contractions to stop. I started having them last night around 11pm and took the meds I am instructed to take...usually this stops the contractions pretty quickly; however, they never really went away. I got up this morning, took Maddox to the doctor (no ear infection..just fluid in his ear and given some cough meds to help him sleep better at night...yippee) and still was feeling the constant cramping/contracting. I put Maddox down for his nap, took another dose of the meds and attempted to lay down and get rid of the contractions. After an hour or so Brad and I decided it was best to follow Doctors orders and head back up to labor and delivery. After a couple of shots there, the contractions stopped and now I am resting here at the house. Thank you so much mom for watching Maddox for us this afternoon and feeding us dinner. You are such a huge help in all of this as we never know what each day will bring. We are so thankful that none of this has turned to anything more serious and we are going with the game plan that it will NEVER turn into anything more than just weird contractions.
Sorry to ramble on and on, but I would like to have this documented so Paxton and I can look back and remember the little bumps in the road during this pregnancy!! Once again, we are super thankful for a healthy, growing little baby boy and the help of modern medicine!!

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