Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday sweet sweet are now officially two years old and I can hardly believe it. This past year has flown by and I am so proud to watch the little boy you are becoming. You are learning to be polite and say "Please" "Thank You" "Excuse me, please" "Help please" and many more...on your own most of the time. You are super active and it does not take you very long to figure out how anything works. You love to use one of daddy's screw drivers to "fix" any toy you have that has a screw on it. You love to play cars, watch your fish movie, play with a ball, run through the house, spin in circles, sing songs and dance. We are learning more about your dairy allergy and this past week you have been able to eat foods that have cheese or milk cooked into them, which shows Mommy which protein you are allergic to....we are still hoping you out grow this, but this is a huge improvement and you were able to eat a piece of pizza on your 2nd birthday!!! Your big brown eyes are so handsome and they often "speak" for you....we can tell when you are happy, sad, frustrated, being ornery, and when you are being sweet simply by looking you in the eye. You love to play chase with daddy and could "get him" for hours!
You are super sweet and love to give mommy hugs...I am trying to soak all of this up because I know it is only a matter of years before you are too "cool" to do this. You will repeat EVERYTHING spoken around you. You love to laugh and make others are pretty good at this too!!! You LOVE Jesus and I promise you could sit and let us read your Bible for hours...we continue to pray that you seek the Lord, accept Him as your Savior at a very young age and find your peace in Him.
Thank you sweet boy for blessing our lives everyday and always keeping Daddy and I on our toes. You are so smart, handsome, funny, polite and fun to be around. We love you more and more everyday and we are so excited to see what this "Terrific Two" year holds for us!!
We love you,
Mommy and Daddy

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The Boyers said...

wow! it seems unreal that he is already two! won't be long and you will have 2 little boys runnig all over you house! Crazy!