Sunday, January 17, 2010

In Writing

I just have to get this in writing:
We were blessed with the opportunity to get away to Midland and hang out with our great friends, Dusty and Sarah while my Dad and Kelly kept the Madd-man for us. I am so proud of our little man and how well he behaved while we were away. My brother was ordained as an Elder at his church, so my Dad and Kelly took Maddox with them to the service. I was definitely a little concerned on how he would behave IN the church service (I mean, he is 2 ya know...AND his name is Maddox, the king of constant movement, chatter and the overall inability or lack of desire to sit still for very long at all) However, they said he did great....he loved the music (of course), sat and colored and eventually fell asleep. Did you read 2 year old, spirited little man, sat still in church long enough to FALL ASLEEP. I am absolutely shocked and so proud of him. Thanks again Dad and Kelly for keeping Maddox for us, we definitely enjoyed the time away and Maddox had a blast...he continues to "tell" us about his fun weekend; however, we have no idea what he is saying...I do know he had a great time with his PopPop and Nanny!!

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