Monday, January 25, 2010

Update on Paxton

Update on Paxton James:
There is a little background info that I have not shared on this blog because I did not want to bring any unnecessary worries from family or friends but I have decided to share today because we have been given more guidance. Right after the New Year I started having contractions, alarming enough to Brad and I to go ahead and make a trip up to labor and delivery at the hospital. I was monitored and sure enough I was contracting, they made sure I was not dilating at all (which I was not), and did a fetal fibronectin test (a test which checks to see if a protein produced by fetal cells has leaked which can indicate pre-term labor) which was negative, meaning they were pretty certain I was not about to go into labor....sigh of relief. They gave me two shots of Terbutaline to stop the contractions and we were on our way! However, I continued to have more contractions a few days later and back to labor and delivery we went. The same tests were done with the same results: contractions, but no dilation and a false fetal fibronectin test...another sigh of relief, but a little nervous as to why I was continuing to have contractions. Our doctor came by to visit with us and she decided to send us home with a prescription for the Terbutaline to take when I started having the contractions. She also explained this was nothing to be too alarmed about, some women just have contractions during pregnancy and as long as I continued to not dilate and the fetal fibronectin tests were negative we were fine. So, today, we went to see the Doctor again for a check up and another ultrasound to make sure there was no sign of shortening to my cervix. Everything looked great...healthy, active boy weighing in at 1lb9oz and a great sounding heart beat! I am still having pretty consistent contractions, but the cervix looks great (huge news). They checked for a bacterial infection and this one came back positive, which is actually a good thing because I am now on an antibiotic and they think this bacteria could be the nasty little culprit for all of these contractions. We are so blessed to have such amazing technology and medicine along with an amazing Doctor who guides us through this entire process. We are blessed that the baby is looking healthy and pretty content to stay just where he is at for much much longer!!!

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The Boyers said...

how scary! i'm glad that all is well and nice work on being a great momma and knowing when to go in and see the dr!