Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just Another Adventure

A day to remember. Today we had an "adventure" while cruising around Target. Maddox started choking on NOTHING and it made him throw up....yes, right in the middle of Target....ahhh..poor baby. But it did get worse for him...in the midst of the chaos, I was not able to get his beloved Raffie out of the line of fire; therefore, when we finally made it safely and a little messy to the house, Raffie needed a much needed bath. OH poor Maddox, was already not feeling great, and I had to put Raffie in the washer....Maddox lost it. He sobbed the entire time Raffie was being washed and dried...we even watched part of his Elmo movie that he loves so much (there is a part in the movie where Elmo has to wash his blanket) but that did not help the situation any. Thankfully, Raffie did not take long to dry and the Madd-man had his best friend back and everything was fine. Oh poor baby, what a traumatic morning for the little man!!
Oh so happy to have Raffie back, safe and sound!!

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Kameron and Jason Fellers said...

OH my goodness! What a day! Poor little guy. Hope he feels better- physically and emotionally!!