Thursday, May 24, 2012

Funny Conversation

This evening I had to run a few errands while Brad stayed home with the boys. They played outside and Brad informed me of the following conversation that took place on the back patio:

Paxton:"smowie smowie"
Brad: "what are you saying pax?"
Maddox: "he is saying towel"
Brad: "no he's not saying towel"
Maddox: "then what was he saying?"
Brad: "I don't know buddy."
Maddox: "then how do you know it wasn't towel?"
Brad: "good play sir."
Maddox:"nah I don't think thats it either."

Oh my mercy, I just crack up laughing each time I replay this conversation in my mind. Maddox is such a clever and very literal little man...I just love it!!
Oh and if any of you were wondering what exactly Paxton was saying......well, he was telling Brad he wanted his FLOATY (he was ready to go swimming).'s good to know I have some job security!!

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