Friday, May 11, 2012

Something to Talk About

Paxton has started talking MORE and MORE every day and what a sweet sweet sound it is. He is becoming less and less frustrated and angry the more he can communicate his needs; thus making my job as his mommy a LOT easier!! He mimics nearly every sound his big brother makes and they have been able to play a lot better together. I can truly see a bond forming between the two of them and it makes my heart fill with joy.
With Paxton's newly found speech, my favorite thing to do with him right now is...SING. I will hold him in my lap and we will sing "You are my Sunshine" together. Now, don't get me wrong, he does not know all the words yet, but he stares at my mouth and tries so hard to make his little mouth form the same sounds I am making. It is quite the sight and is oh so precious to me.
Along with his speech taking off, he has also started eating a lot better. In fact, he has yet to refuse to eat anything lately. Whew, this is also a huge answer to prayers and makes meal times with him enjoyable. He is so much more content during the day...of course, he is still two and we all know how, uh, terrific that age can be; however, overall I can see a HUGE difference in his ability to cope with everyday struggles and I am sure a full belly and a mouth full of words are the key factors in his ability to express his needs in a less angry fashion.
I am so thankful that the Lord continues to walk us through this stage in Paxton's life and we are seeing rapid improvements in most areas of his development!
Hearing the words "I love you"(or as Paxton says the "I wove wew) have never sounded sweeter than coming from his little mouth (well, perhaps it is a 3 way tie from when Brad said those 3 beautiful words to me for the first time and when Maddox said "I love you" for the first time as well.....I suppose, we NEVER get tired of hearing how much we are loved and cherished!)

My sweet little Super Hero's playing together rescuing me from "danger". It is good to know I am in such great hands all day!!
Oh my, if only I could keep them this innocent forever

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