Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Fun

We have had a wonderful weekend here at the Voda house! Maddox has learned to ride his dirt bike without training wheels. This obviously becomes a great workout for Brad because he has to run behind him and keep him on track (the bike is still a  too heavy for Maddox to control if he looses his balance). It is truly amazing to watch how well Maddox can balance that beast of a bike, especially when he goes slowly. Paxton is loving his ability to ride his tricycle and is eagerly awaiting the time when he to can ride the dirt bike!! There are times with these boys, that I feel so out numbered with all of their boy toys, their need for speed and loud noises; however, I LOVE being a part of this journey and watching these precious boys (all 3 of them) have the time of their lives!! I can't wait to see how Harper fits in the mix!!!
We have spent most of the weekend outside, playing tball, swimming, riding bikes and just enjoying the time together! 

For now, I am SO out numbered. Boys and their toys!!

Paxton doing a little trick riding!

Maddox was in heaven riding that dirt bike!! 

sweet boys riding bikes

And the race is on!!

Watching the big boys play

Sweet Aunt Kim playing with the boys in the pool!!! They had a blast!! 

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