Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pregnancy Update

We got to see our growing, precious little girl today via ultrasound! I am measuring 30 weeks 1 day (which is exactly what we thought) She is looking great and developing right on track. The radiologist actually preformed portions of the ultrasound and spent a good amount of time checking out her anatomy, especially her heart. She looks great!! She is already head down and continues to be more on the shy side during ultrasounds. She immediately covers her face as soon as she feels the "wand" on my belly. She tries so hard to wiggle away from the ultrasound tech; however, she is running out of wiggle room so we were able to see her a little better this time.
His only mild concern is that she is on the small side, only weighing 3lbs 1oz and in the 23rd percentile. He said he is not terribly concerned with this but does not feel comfortable completely releasing us yet; therefore, we get to see our little girl again in 4 weeks just to make sure she has not dropped any further in percentile! I certainly don't mind getting another chance to see our growing little babe!!
No one seems very concerned with all the contractions I am having. They are just a pest and do not seem to be causing any preterm labor scares! We are so thankful for this news and we continue to pray  that our precious little one continues to grow strong and healthy for at least 6 more weeks; although, I am eagerly awaiting the moment I get to hold her in my arms!

Baby bump

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