Saturday, May 19, 2012

T Ball Fun

This has been our first experience with any "organized" sport and overall it has been a learning experience for all of us. We have learned to remember that Maddox is a super smart little boy, but he is very much four years old. Being four years old means forgetting EVERYTHING that has been taught to you just moments earlier simply because kicking the dirt with your new awesome baseball cleats is way more fun. It also means having the attention span of a gnat and being easily distracted when waiting for another 4 year old to hit the baseball in your general direction. We have learned that Maddox will talk to ANYONE within listening distance and tends to visit throughout the entire game. Most of his conversations occur with one of his coaches. The coaches seem to really like him and one of them is always standing next to him, helping him stay on task and enjoying a good little chat in the process. (Seriously, they don't do this with any other kid, I really think Maddox is pure entertainment for them....I mean, seriously, he is one AWESOME kiddo). We have learned that for Maddox the most fun he has at his game is the snack that is served afterwards; although, lately he has really enjoyed hitting and running the bases. It has been a lot of fun to watch Maddox learn more about the game and gain some confidence in his throwing and hitting abilities! I personally have Loved watching Maddox and Brad practice in our backyard. It has been fun to watch Brad learn the best ways to teach Maddox and we have both learned to be way more patient with our precious little boy!

Pregame line up and prayer time (Maddox is number 5)

Made it to first base

Running to second base

Great running Maddox!!

A little pep talk from the 3rd base coach

What a handsome little man! Sheesh he looks so big in this picture

First time to play pitcher

Eagerly waiting for the batter to hit that ball to him

Here is a short video of the Madd-man hitting the ball and running his heart out to first base!

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