Monday, May 28, 2012

Well Played Maddox, Well Played

Oh Mr. Maddox, this kid keeps things interesting and entertaining around our house at all times!! He is so clever and witty, yet most of the time he is not even aware of his tactics because he is so literal.
Well, yesterday Maddox and Paxton were playing outside and they started to argue over some toys. Maddox was playing with a Monster Truck (which Paxton received for his birthday) and Paxton was playing with a water gun (which Maddox received for making good choices at home). Maddox was less than thrilled that Paxton was playing with "his" water gun. I quickly reminded Maddox that he was technically playing with one of Paxton's toys that he received for his birthday and that it is important for us to share our toys together. Maddox agreed, as he was not about to stop playing with that super cool Monster Truck, but you could tell he still wanted that water gun.
With that in mind, the following conversation took place between Maddox and Paxton:
Maddox: "Hey Paxton, would you like to go to a Monster Truck museum with me?"
Paxton: "Sure"
Maddox: "Well Paxton, guns are not allowed in the museum, so put your gun down here."
Paxton: "Okay" (Paxton gently put the water gun down)

Well played Maddox, well played. What a clever little mind you have......just keep in mind, your little brother will soon start picking up on your tactics!!!
Oh my mercy, my hands are going to be so full with this smarty pants!!!!

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