Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Fun with Friends

This past weekend our dear friends Dusty and Sarah and their precious 5 month old twins, Mason and Mallory, came to visit! We were so excited to see them and the boys did really well with the babies. Maddox was super eager to get to hold them and Paxton tried to observe from a distance. This was such a great weekend watching our families create memories together!! I am excited to have family vacations together and to watch our children grow up to be great friends!! Maddox already has big plans for some play time with Mason and he is certain that Harper and Mallory will be great friends as well!!

Thanks again Dusty and Sarah for traveling our way and sharing your sweet babies with us! We sure do love you guys!!


Dusty chasing Paxton!!!

Dusty helping Maddox get ready for his big game!

Such determination in this picture!! Great throw Maddox!!!

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Sarah said...

We had so much fun with your little family! Oh what chaos our future family get togethers will be! But what great memories to cherish! Love you guys!