Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Funday

Paxton had the super fun privilege to ride to Oklahoma City with Kim and Austin and spend the weekend with grandmom and grandad Voda!! He is super excited to have some alone time with the grands, but when he gets to go alone, we have one little boy at home who is bummed that he needed to stay because of school obligations. Therefore, I tried to make this afternoon special, so I took Maddox and Harper to Bahama Bucks (a lovely snow cone place) followed by a trip to the science spectrum and outdoor play time. Now...We are drowning in the midst of temper tantrums with our precious Harper Grace, so I am always a bit tentative to take miss priss anywhere public. She certainly didn't disappoint with her high pitched screech at the snow cone shop because she wanted to feed herself the red snow cone with her spoon upside down. Eeeek....she did much better at the Science Spectrum and we all had a wonderful time!!!

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