Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Harper's Babies

Harper LOVES babies. I have never seen a child have such a strong, natural loving nurturing personality at such an early age. She knows how to hold her little doll baby, pat the baby's bottom, burp the baby and occasionally drop and throw the baby, thus reassuring us that SHE in fact is still a baby herself and cannot hold, burp console REAL babies just yet!!!!
I wanted to document her everyday happenings with her little baby dolls. It's almost like playing "where's Waldo" when I look through my pictures to see if the baby doll is with Harper!!

As much as she loves her baby dolls, she would be very appreciative if her baby cousin Ruby Grace could be her very own real life baby doll. The bond these girls are forming is so sweet to watch (and sometimes the crazy comes out in miss Harper and the biggest temper tantrums ever are shown when she isn't allowed to take care of Ruby on her own....but we will just document the super cute moments she shows..ha)

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