Monday, May 5, 2014

He Makes me Better

Oh my sweet hearted Maddox never ceases to amaze me with his longing desire to know more about Jesus and to show His love!! This weekend, he had a soccer game and was playing a super aggressive team with a kid that was not the nicest and showed very poor sportsmanship. After the game Maddox walked over to us and broke down crying because the kid knocked him down and called him stupid. Now my first instinct was to March my momma bear hiney over to that boy and his dad and give them a good piece of my mind. But I held that back and had a good talk about being a good winner and a good looser and how it just makes that boy look silly. After a while Maddox came back and talked some more about the "bully" and he sweetly said "momma, do you know why that boy chose to speak to me that way? Momma, he let Satan tell him how to act. It's my job with Jesus in my heart to show him that Jesus loves us!"
Be still my heart. He is so grown up and it amazes me how he loves The Lord with all his heart. Thank you Maddox for making me want to be a better lady!!!
Maddox holding Ruby while waiting for his game to start....Brad and Paxton watching the game together!

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