Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I am, by nature, a planner. I like to know what to expect during my week. I like to know when I need to be somewhere and I am very rarely late. I am beginning to see that my planning is getting in the way of living. I start my day off already planning the day. First we eat breakfast, then we run errands and eat lunch and take naps and go get Maddox from school and then do laundry, homework, dinner, soccer practices, showers and time for bed. My head is always going toward what task needs to be taken care of next. My planning nature can be very handy in keeping a routine and guaranteeing that we arrive to our destination on time; however, I am realizing that I am planning so much and not living nearly enough. I'm not taking the time to realize how beautiful it is outside and swooping the kids up to go to a fun park or just on a walk outside. I'm over planning and under living. I'm allowing my kids to expect a routine everyday without experiencing new adventures. So, if the next time you see me I am running 15 minutes late, be sure to ask me what adventure we took on the way and please excuse my tardiness. So here's to less planning and more living!!!! These three joys deserve adventure, random water hose fights, freshly baked cookies, dirt under their finger nails, and sand in their shoes!

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