Saturday, May 3, 2014

I'm baaaack

Oh my mercy...will I ever catch up on this blog??? Once again, I have no clever way to update our everyday lives, so I will just write about our everyday happenings!
Since I posted last we have had a round of sickness in our household for a solid month (obviously the virus' are shared amongst the three kiddos...aren't they so sweet to share with each other!!!) Maddox had a nasty upper respiratory infection that they thought was pneumonia (thankfully it was not). Paxton also had the nasty upper respiratory infection that caused him to cough so much he would gag. The boys then shared the bug with Harper, only hers was diagnosed as Strep (AGAIN.....3 times in one month...she just couldn't fully recover from it). Harper then caught the tummy bug from Hell. This bug is nasty. She was oh so sweet to share the bug with me on Easter Sunday (which was also Paxton's 4th birthday AND we were in Oklahoma City....good times).
Maddox then started having a hard time breathing and was coughing a lot more...they think he has asthma and he now has an inhaler to use before he exercises or to help with his cough when he needs it.

Harper then caught the tummy bug again and this time in landed her in an urgent care clinic for IV fluids because she was so dehydrated and miserable. 
Whew....this round of sickness needs to leave for good. Don't these germs know it is May!?!

In between all the sicknesses we celebrated sweet Paxton's 4th birthday!!! How is it possible that he is already four years old?
 After turning 4 he has discovered he is much braver than he was at 3. He is a spunky, sassy little thing and he brings so much joy and laughter. Who else is super excited to not be living the terrifying 3s any more. Oh age 4 has to be just has to be. Ha. 

We have been spending our Saturdays at the soccer field watching the boys play. They are both learning so much and are starting to figure out the game a little bit more every time. Paxton no longer cries on the field and every now and again actually kicks the ball...I chalk that up as a major success! Maddox is becoming more aware of the ball, his team mates and the goal!
Well, I think that has caught us up on the big events around here! Hopefully next time I have a more creative way to document our lives, but for now, this post will simply have to do! Let's pray the next time I post, this baby girl is back to her sweet self....the pouty lip is about to do me in!! Somebody just go buy her a pony already!!! 

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