Saturday, May 10, 2014

Soccer Saturday

It was a fabulous day for a soccer game today! It's been so much fun to watch Maddox progress each week. He was able to get the ball kicked away from a crowd of kids and he ran the ball all the way down to the goal. He was so super close to scoring a goal!!! It was awesome to see his practice with dribbling the ball and maintaining control with the ball pay off for him in a game!!

It was an especially fun game this week because his cousin Mollie, was playing at the same time on the field directly across from his! Fun cousin time at the soccer field. 
We ended the day with a yummy yummy dinner at Texas Roadhouse!!! 
Who else loves this pic of me and harpoo and the photo bomb of her baby doll!!!!! Such a blessed momma. 

Definitely missing our Paxton, but I'm soaking up the moments with a little less chaos with man on man coverage with Brad and two kiddos (but definitely ready to have my trio's just not the same without one!) 

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