Monday, May 26, 2014

Kindergarten Graduate

Our sweet Maddox completed his first year of Kindergarten and is now officially a First Grader!!! Wow, I was not at all prepared for the flood of emotions I would feel that final week of school. I had such a mixture over overwhelming pride at his growth and accomplishments throughout his first year of school and yet I was struck with sorrow as I realized he is growing up on me way to quickly. I feel like the bubble we have placed around him is getting smaller and smaller by the day and I am going to wake up and he will be graduating from high school and moving off to college.
We have absolutely loved his Kindergarten teacher this semester as we transferred schools. She was such a sweet, kind, organized, fun, and loving teacher. She guided him not only academically, but also spiritually and helped guide his character. She emphasized being diligent with his school work and doing everything the best he possibly could. She took control of her classroom with a silent grace which blew my mind every time I was in her class. She was fantastic and I will always remember his first teacher.
So, while I am super sad to end such a fantastic year of school, I am beyond ready for summer time with the kiddos. I'm ready for a less structures routine, days spent swimming, and nights blowing bubbles and looking at the stars!!

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