Thursday, September 29, 2011


I entered Maddox's room this morning to get him ready for his super fun field trip at school; however, when I bent down to kiss his little sleeping cheek, he was as hot as a fire cracker. BOO.  I checked his temperature and it was about 103.2. BOO. When he woke up, he coughed a loud, deep in his chest, barking type cough and when he tried to talk his voice was very strained. BOO. We made the quick executive decision that there would be no school and no field trip for Maddox and a visit to his primary care doctor was in order. BOO. He sounded horrible, felt horrible and his breathing was very labored. BOO.
It ends up the little man has croup. BOO. We have prescription steroids which will help the inflammation in his throat/vocal cords. The good thing is, while he sounds horrible and is contagious, non of his difficulty breathing is settled in his lungs. Hopefully the steroids will help, unfortunately, if they do not and he begins to get worse with further difficulty breathing, a trip to the ER will be in order for strong breathing treatments and monitoring. (Obviously, we are eagerly praying that he gets better not worse).
Poor little Maddox. You can just tell he feels awful and he has said a few times that "I feel horrible momma, just plain horrible" Oh, buddy, I am so sorry you feel so yucky!!!

While I hate that Maddox is feeling so badly, he sure is sweet and cuddly right now and I am soaking up every minute of it!

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LovelyLadyCakes said...

BOO! I'm so sorry get feeling better MAD MAN..