Friday, September 16, 2011

Paxton did Great

Paxton had his colonoscopy and EGD this morning. Let me first say that Paxton is a champ. He was amazing yesterday while he could not have anything to eat and had a ton of laxatives. He enjoyed all the one on one time with momma. The only part that concerns me at this point is why Paxton was not aggravated at his lack of food intake. It really goes to show how much food bothers his tummy.
This  you could tell he was irritated, tired and hungry, but he was amazing. The procedure went well. The doctor said everything looked good to his eye; however, he took several biopsy of his intestinal lining and will send them off to pathology. They also took more blood and pancreatic enzymes to send to a lab in California to see if we can get some answers. The doctor did mention that there was a small concern with one of Paxton's antibody levels, so he retested it and will let us know what is going on.
I am so thankful that Paxton did so well today and woke from anesthesia with little difficulty or freaking out from little P.
Thank you all for your prayers. Please continue to pray for answers on why little P does not feel well!!

Sweet little P playing outside last weekend as we celebrated PaPa's Birthday!!!

Silly boy....face covered in cake and giving us his "cheese" face!!!

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