Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Maddox woke up from nap today with a fever and a very horse voice. Poor buddy. I took him to the doctor (thanks so much MOM for watching Paxton so I could just take Maddox) and he has an ear infection and allergies. Whew, we all thought he had Strep and are so thankful that he does not. He has his first field trip tomorrow at school and I was going to be so bummed if he couldn't go!!! He has been so so sweet this evening and was in a super good mood!!
This evening was fantastic. The boys were in great moods and we all had fun playing down in the basement! Paxton is doing sooooooo good this week. He seems to be feeling well and is playing and laughing and enjoying being a little boy!!

Ahhh. I am so thankful for this evening with my boys!!

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Jocelyn said...

so happy to hear that! hopefully everyone will keep feeling good :)