Thursday, September 15, 2011


Maddox has said some of the sweetest and funniest things this week. I wanted to document them so I would never forget his sweet spirit.

While driving home one evening we were admiring the beautiful sunset. Maddox said, "Oh mommy, it is beautiful. Just like YOU are beautiful. But, I just wish YOU had some purple on ya too. I like purple."
(oh just melt my heart)

While getting the carpets cleaned at the old house, we were sitting and reading books. Maddox leaned over and hugged me tight and said "Momma, you're my very best friend"
(Now, I don't strive to be Maddox's "Friend" I am first and formost his momma, his guider, his protector and the one to help him grow to be the MAN the Lord created him to be; however, hearing from his tiny voice that I was his very best friend made my heart fill up with joy.)

While playing in his room one day Maddox quickly informed me that he no longer likes super heros. He said "I don't like super-heros. Super heros use special powers. I like Batman. Batman uses TOOLS!"

While driving to let Maddox spend the night with Gigi and Papa for a few days (while we prep Paxton for his colonoscopy), Maddox carried on a sweet conversation with Paxton. He had a few little tears in his eyes and said "I wish my brother could stay the night with me. I will miss him" (Now, it didn't take long for Maddox to realize he would have ALL the attention with his grandparents, but it sure was a sweet moment for this momma).

The age of 3 has definitely had its challenges and battles of the wills, but I love these sweet sweet moments with my biggest little guy!!!

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