Friday, September 2, 2011

Moving Along

Well hello there! We are still alive and well and MOVING right along. Literally. We recently bought a new home (new to us at least) and officially moved in on Tuesday. We LOVE our new place and the boys seem to be settling in quiet nicely, we do have a few random emotional break downs from Maddox over the most random things, so I am assuming he is having a little difficulty with the change, but over all we all seem to be making ourselves right at home in our new home!! Our new house sits further outside of town with plenty of room for the boys to run and play and make as much noise as they want to (without driving this momma crazy). We are so thankful for this new journey in our lives and look forward to all the memories we will make along the way.

Maddox had a meet the teacher tea-party at his pre-school this week and I think it went pretty well. He liked the toys but was not a fan that I had to leave the room for a parent orientation. He had a mini melt down when I came to get him because he wanted another cookie to take home (a little girl in the class did not eat hers, so she got to take hers home and Maddox could not figure out why he couldn't have another one to take with him). I have a feeling Tuesday could be an interesting day for Mr. Maddox with all the changes going on in his little world, but I am sure with time he will adjust and love pre-school. (I am almost certain his biggest difficulty will be talking too much...hahah...such a social little guy).

Paxton is doing well. He's been SUPER fussy lately (although the more adjusted he gets to the new house the calmer he has been). And we've had some issues with his belly. We've had to take a few stool samples to hi gastro s doctor and we are waiting on more results from a second set of tests they ran after finding blood in his stools. I am not very patient and I am eager to know what in the world is bothering my little guy's belly so badly. I will update as soon as I find out what is going on.

Well the story of our lives right now is unpacking boxes and putting everything in it's proper place, and with all of that I have misplaced my camera charger and can't seem to get any of the pictures uploaded.
I will post some pictures of the new house and the sweet boys soon.

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