Thursday, September 15, 2011

Preparing Paxton

Today is the BIG day...the day sweet Paxton cannot have anything to eat and has to have a lot of laxatives to prepare his system for the colonoscopy that will be preformed tomorrow. It is currently 12:08pm and so far Paxton has been a champ. The laxatives are in full effect and I need 3 diapers on him at a time to contain the mess, but other than that he has been so good this morning. I have to give a huge thank you to my mom for graciously volunteering to take Maddox for today and tomorrow so I could give Paxton my undivided attention (and Maddox could have some fun with gigi and papa). Thanks so much mom for taking such good care of Madd and helping me take care of Paxton!!!

I am not sure what this afternoon or evening will hold for us, but for now, I am enjoying this one on one time with my littlest man!!!

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