Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Boys

Paxton had his appointment with the immunologist today and although it was a little traumatic (maybe more so for Brad and I), I would say the appointment went well. The trauma occurred when they had to do the allergy skin scratching test on Mr. Paxton. He started crying when they were simply writing the letters and numbers on his arms...then it was the fun part...the skin scratching with the various allergens to see if he had a reaction. Luckily, this guy is not allergic to any of the things they tested him for. Yippee. More trauma occurred when he was taken down to the lab for his blood work. Eight vile of blood later, he was finished. EEK. I am so thankful Brad was able to go to this appointment with me, there is only so much holding a super strong little boy down and watching him cry that this momma can do on her own.

The immunologist is not concerned with a fear that Paxton could have an immune deficiency. He says he just isn't showing any clinical signs of it at all. The doctor was pleased that we were referred to see him because one of his antibody levels is pretty low and needs to be looked at. The blood tests will tell us a lot and then they will remedy what needs to be fixed.

All children go through phases where their antibody levels drop. This usually occurs around 7 or 8 months of life then they begin to rise back up to the normal rage. Because we do not have a baseline of what Paxton's antibody levels have been in the past, it is hard to determine if his levels are increasing or if they have decreased recently. They will keep an eye on them.

We will go to the doctor next week to discuss a different game plan after receiving all the results from the tests ran today. We are eager for some answers, but we are super thankful because the past few days Paxton has seemed to feel MUCH better. We have even caught him smiling a few times!! YIPPEE

Now we are just working on the typical 17 month old behaviors and learning that no, we do not throw ourselves on the ground and throw a fit....no, it is not okay to hit your brother....and no, it is not okay to put everything you see on the ground in your mouth. 

Maddox is doing great in preschool this year. He really likes his teacher. He does not care for music class because it "takes too long" and "they don't let me play the guitar" He listens well and his teacher says she never has any problems with Maddox. He just seems happy to be there and enjoys all the fun activities. His only complain is that they have not taught him how to write his letters yet...hahahh!! Soon enough little man, soon enough

He did come home and show me how to sign for "hello" and the color "red". 
I love to watch him learn and hear about his day after school. Although, I usually hear more about his school day during random times. He does not like to answer a lot of questions right after school so I hear more and more throughout the week!!

Can you tell Maddox and Daddy got a new toy?? Yup, that would be a little-bitty dirt bike with training wheels on it!! Yup, that would be Brad's helmet that the little man is wearing (yes, it fits Maddox..hahah).

Maddox LOVES riding this dirt bike in the back yard and is getting really good at it. I love watching Brad run behind him and hearing Maddox giggle with glee as he rides and rides!! I am highly out numbered in my house of boys, but it sure is fun to watch these boys and their toys!!

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