Thursday, June 7, 2012

33 Weeks

How far Along: 33 weeks
Size of baby: On average, she should weigh around 4.4 pounds. Her crown to rump length should be approximately 12 inches and total length around 19.4 inches (we will see for sure on the 18th) Our doctor does not seem too concerned that she measured on the smaller side at the last ultrasound. Paxton did too and he was just fine!!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: roughly 20 pounds 
Maternity Clothes: My current wardrobe is mostly a swim suit or comfy yoga pants. I can still wear my non maternity jeans and some t-shirts, the rest is maternity
Gender: Sweet baby girl
Name: Harper Grace 
Movement: She is a squirmy little thing. She has been getting the hiccups more and more frequently...good job little one, keep practicing that breathing!! 
Sleep: I still do not sleep all that well and I have more and more contractions every evening. Overall it is fine and I try to not complain. I am using this time when I can't sleep to help my body prepare for the lack of sleep I will have once she is here. At least now I am just awake and not working. HA
What I miss: Being able to bend over with ease. Not groaning with every subtle movement I make. A normal looking belly button. Hello outie!!
Cravings: Not a thing. I get heart burn just thinking about food these days. I haven't had too much of an appetite. 
Symptoms: contractions contractions contractions! cramping and pelvic pain. 
Best Moment this week: We went to the Doctor on Monday and we are now far enough along that there is not much they will do to stop labor if my contractions put me in full labor. While we still want her to cook for a while longer, this news has put my mind at ease. I no longer have to sit and ponder if I need to be going to labor and delivery to have the contractions and cramping monitored. We can now let Harper be in charge and that gives me a lot of peace.

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