Monday, June 4, 2012

Dirt Bike

Maddox continues to get better and better riding his dirt bike without training wheels; although, he is still giving Brad a pretty intense cardio work out with him chasing behind him all over the back yard.  Much to Maddox's surprise, he now has all the gear to keep his little body better protected for that sacred day when they venture out of the comfort of our back yard!! Not only is his body safer in his new gear, he is mighty handsome as well! I can honestly say I have never seen him more excited than the first time he got to put all this stuff on. He certainly feels like a real dirt bike rider now and he is pleased as punch!!

Looking good little man, looking good!!

He was SO excited

Thanks Uncle Austin for helping him with his helmet

Showing off his dirt bike hair

Paxton wanted in on the action as well. Here he is sporting Brad's dirt bike jersey! Soon enough little guy, for now let's stay content riding the tricycle.

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