Thursday, June 21, 2012

Paxton is 26 Months Old

On June 20th Paxton James turned 26 months old. He is most definitely a toddler and no longer a baby. He is growing and changing so rapidly. He truly such a fun little guy!
What are you up to these days Mr. P:

Size 4 or 5 diapers
Size 18-24 month clothes (you can wear 2T shirts, but the shorts or pants swallow you up)
You are eating MUCH better lately. You are still a very picky eater and cannot be convinced to take a bite of anything if you are not "feeling" it, but you eat much more and a bigger variety.
You love Cheetos, crackers, dry cereal and breakfast bars 
You love to play with cars, trains and trucks
You still love to build with your Legos and you love knocking them down the best
Your vocabulary is growing everyday and you are communicating much easier these days
You chase or follow your big brother around most of the day (monkey see, monkey do)
You get the most frustrated when people (mainly your brother) try to help you and you do not desire said help!
You are a good sleeper, but sometimes you have a hard time settling down in your room for a nap or bedtime because you think it would be more fun to play with your big brother. Although, when you nap in your own room at Gigi's house, we rarely hear a peep out of you for at least 2 solid hours
You are not as afraid of strangers or new situations as you have been in the past
You still despise the car wash and get a little panicky if you feel like we are going to go there
You are swimming so well in the big pool in the back yard. You like your floaty and you kick your feet really well
You seem to have come to the realization that your baby sister Harper is in fact going to be a real part of our family soon. You point to my belly and say "parper" (now, I have a feeling it might be a little confusing when you realize that Harper is a person, not just a huge bump in my belly)
You are really good at saying "thank you" on your own without being asked to say so
You still love your paci and I am dreading the day when we get rid of that for you, but for now it is your favorite nap and bedtime companion
You give the best hugs 
Your laugh is still your best feature! You can make anyone laugh when you laugh little man!!
Your natural ability to play by yourself still amazes me. You are most content when you are able to sit and do your own thing (so much different than your big brother). 

Oh Paxton James, I pray these next few months as we bring home your baby sister, that the Lord will guide your heart and your spirit and allow you the tools to adapt to the changes that will be brought your way and I pray HE gives me to wisdom to guide you into the man you were created to be. We love you sweet P
Sweet Paxton one year ago!! Sweet cheeks!!

Similar facial expression just last month

Sweet brother playing this morning!

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