Monday, June 11, 2012


Having two boys is a daily adventure. There are arguments and the constant reminder to play nicely, talk nicely and share nicely. There are a lot of giggles, loud noises and active imaginations at work. Lego towers are built and then knocked over and built again. Super Hero costumes are worn and the world is protected by two little Voda boys. The running pitter patter of feet can be heard throughout the house as an active game of chase is taking place. Books are read. Songs are sang. Hugs are given and smiles are seen! 
There are days that are exhausting with the unpredictable life that accompanies a house full of testosterone; however, I am reminded how blessed I am to have spunky young children who live their lives to the beat of their own drum! Thanks to my children, I am reminded of the importance to stop living life like a robot and start experiencing the incredible things life has to offer!!

My creative little Robots (putting diaper boxes to good use)

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