Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Face to Face

Up until yesterday we have yet to have a chance to view our little Harper's face via ultrasound! She always turns her head away or covers her face with her hands. Seriously, every.single.time. I have always been fine with the fact that we haven't seen her face because at the end of the day the true importance is that the sonographer is able to view all the important features on her precious, growing, little body!! We have been blessed with great ultrasounds that provide us the reassurance that she is growing and developing just beautifully!
However, Monday, we were finally able to get a good view of her adorable little face, and I have to be honest, my heart melted! She just looks so precious to me (even in the creepy 3d/4d ultrasounds).
I am so ready to meet this little lady face to face (although we still need her to hang tight for at least another week!)

Harper Grace at 35weeks

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Sarah said...

Oh my dear she is a beautiful sight! So happy you got to see her precious face. I think she already looks like a good mix between Madd and Pax, but feminine. Ha! Can't wait to meet this little gift!