Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dive on In

When the temperature outside is well over 100 degrees, I can think of no better way to spend the hot afternoon than by diving right on into the pool.

 I love how well the boys have acclimated to the swimming pool and how much fun we can all have together. I was a little nervous at the beginning of summer as to how we would handle 2 little boys in the swimming pool. It just seemed like more work than actual fun; however, both boys do fabulously in the water and they really seem to have a great time; thus making it fun for all of us!!
I have mentioned several times at how well Maddox is getting with his mask and snorkel, well today, he decided he would try to swim without his floaty on and just use his mask and snorkel. This kid is a fish with that mask! It really is amazing to watch how natural it all is for him; however, if you take that mask and snorkel off, he tends to act like a fish out of water and gets paniky. He swam back and forth from the deep end of the pool to the shallow end approximately 20 times this afternoon and never thought twice about it!

Paxton loves to jump from the side and swim from one step to the other. He giggles and has a good time (until he gets splashed in the face or gets too chilly). When he is finished, he is completely content to go sit in the pool side chairs and watch everyone else swim around (usually as he enjoys a snack).

That goofy grin will never get old to me. gosh i love this kid

After Maddox swam the length of the pool, Paxton showed me his super awesome out of the water swimming skills!

he not only was "swimming" here, but he was also singing some awesome song he made up. Too precious

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