Wednesday, June 27, 2012

36 Weeks

How far Along: 36 weeks
Size of baby: roughly 5.5 pounds and short. Her leg bones are still measuring short and she is now in the less than 20th percentile for size
Total Weight Gain/Loss: about 22 pounds (I actually lost weight this week...strange) 
Maternity Clothes: My belly has completely changed shapes and my shirts need to be longer to cover the growing belly. I can still wear my one pair of non maternity jeans, but it has been SO hot that a pair of work out shorts or my swim suit is my go to wardrobe. 
Gender: Sweet baby girl
Name: Harper Grace 
Movement: She moves frequently and is getting much stronger. You can easily see my entire belly move when she gets to wiggling. Maddox LOVES to feel her kick and squirm. Paxton just gets weirded out by my belly button. Ha. (me too buddy, me too) 
Sleep: I still do not sleep all that well and I have more and more contractions every evening. I have to get up to potty pretty frequently during the night as well. She is still moving the most frequent as soon as I lay down, it is almost as though it makes her uncomfortable for me to be on my side. She kicks and wiggles ALL.NIGHT.LONG.
What I miss: Feeling normal. This week has been a bit rough. I just do not feel well. Nauseous, back pain, heart burn and just an over all feeling of YUCK. 
Cravings: Not much of an appetite.
Symptoms:feels like a little bit of everything. Lower back pain, pelvic pressure, vision changes, head ache, (man, I sure sound like a complainer....I really am trying to have a good attitude and realize how blessed I truly am, its just been a tough week).
Best Moment this week: Seeing our little one on the ultrasound.

This weeks appointment did not go as smoothly as I would have hoped. Now, don't get me wrong, we are still very blessed with a healthy pregnancy and a growing baby girl, there is just more small drama to add to the mix. We found out at the ultrasound that her amniotic fluid level is still increasing, it is now at 23.5. They are still not terribly concerned with this number, but they want to continue to monitor her. Also, during this ultrasound, we discovered that she has turned breech. There is still hope that she will turn back and get in a better position; however, if I end up going into labor on my own anytime soon I will most definitely have a c-section. Now, non of this ideal, but I am not too concerned with it either. I know that God is in control and if a c-section is what I need in order to deliver a healthy, happy baby, then that is fine by me. I am just trying to prepare myself for either circumstance. It is a little overwhelming because this is as far as I was able to carry Paxton and my body finally had had enough and our 6 pound baby boy was born. 
All of this to say, we go back again on Monday to have another ultrasound and a non stress test to monitor our little bundle once again. Oh and did I mention, at the ultrasound they also informed us that little Miss Harper has a lot of hair! If they are correct, then I would have to agree with the old wives tale that if you have a lot of heartburn then your baby has a lot of hair!!! Ha. I guess we will wait and see!!

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Jocelyn said...

looking good! You could consider an "external version" if Harper stays breech, you'd be a great mom for this procedure since you've had to regular deliveries before. Just a thought :) You look beautiful and I'm glad all is well!