Monday, June 18, 2012

35 Weeks

How far Along: 35 weeks
Size of baby: She weighed in at just over 5 pounds today during our ultrasound and I am not sure on her length, but they did say her leg bones are measuring on the shorter side
Total Weight Gain/Loss: roughly 24 pounds 
Maternity Clothes: My current wardrobe is mostly a swim suit or comfy yoga pants. I can still wear my non maternity jeans and some t-shirts, the rest is maternity. I need longer shirts because the belly is sticking further out. Really not wanting to buy anything at this point, so I am trying to make what I have work
Gender: Sweet baby girl
Name: Harper Grace 
Movement: She moves pretty frequently during all hours of the day and night. She really starts moving when I lay down on my side (this makes night time sleeping interesting because I can only lay on my side) It is crazy to watch my belly move with her stronger movements. 
Sleep: I still do not sleep all that well and I have more and more contractions every evening. I have to get up to potty pretty frequently during the night as well. 
What I miss: Being able to bend over with ease. Not groaning with every subtle movement I make. A normal looking belly button. Hello outie!! Not having heart burn ALL day long!!
Cravings: I still do not have any cravings. I get full super quick.
Symptoms: contractions contractions contractions! cramping and pelvic pain, my left foot started swelling this weekend.
Best Moment this week:
We had the blessed opportunity to view our precious little Harper via ultrasound today.  At the last visit they were a little concerned at her small size as she measured in the 34th percentile and today I was a little alarmed when they told me she is still measuring small and is only in the 22nd percentile; however, she is weighing just over 5 pounds and seems to be on track as far as weight is concerned. Her little leg bones are short and that is placing her in the smaller percentile. They seem to think this is simply going to mean she will be a little shorty (is anyone really surprised at that???). They then measured the amniotic fluid surrounding her and they were a little cautious because her fluid levels are on the higher side (normal range for amniotic fluid is anywhere between 7 and 20.....Harper's levels are at 22). They decided to do a non stress test and monitor her for a little while. She is moving beautifully and I was having pretty consistent, non active contractions the entire time. They are going to have me come back next Monday to have her fluid levels checked again and to have another non stress test just to make sure everything is looking okay. My OB does not seem concerned at any of this information and believes miss Harper is doing just fine, they are simply going to take precautionary measures to ensure a healthy little baby at delivery!!

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