Friday, February 17, 2012

17 Weeks

How Far Along: 17 weeks
Size of baby: almost 4.4 inches and 3.5 ounces
Total Weight Gain/Loss: +2 pounds
Maternity Clothes: Yes. My maternity pants are much more comfortable and maternity shirts just seem to cover my little baby bump better. 
Gender: We aren't sure yet. We should find out in a week and a half (February 29)
Name: will decide when we know the gender
Movement: YES!! I am sure it is simply because I am feeling this little one move much sooner than I have with the boys; however, the little movements just feel so small and petite. It is such a beautiful feeling that makes me stop in my tracks every time I feel a little nudge from this little one.
Sleep: My insomnia has seemed to subsided for now. It still takes me forever to fall asleep, but for the most part I have slept pretty good this past week.
What I miss: Sleeping on my belly
Cravings: I really wanted a milk shake this week (I never crave ice creamy things, so this was a bit unusual for me)
Symptoms: It has been a pretty uneventful week, thank goodness. The bleeding and cramping was almost completely nonexistent this week (just had a couple days of mild cramping and spotting...YIPPEE)
Best moment this week: Moving a few things around in the nursery making the room already feel like a "new" room for this little one. I have also cherished feeling the babe swim around, I have a feeling Brad might be able to feel the sweet babe move pretty sure is getting stronger and stronger.

It is always a highlight of my week  to sit down and read what is developing in or on our sweet little babe week by week. This week the baby is gaining more and more fat, becoming more flexible and the most fascinating part (to me at least) is that the babe is developing fingerprints this week!! At 17 weeks our babe could stick its little fingers in some ink and show off it's finger prints and would be able to be identified as an individual!! 

Here was an attempt to get a belly shot, but it didn't really work because I was wearing black. So, I just posed for the camera instead!!!

And just because I wanted to post a picture of Brad and I at 17 weeks preggo with Baby Voda #3
I know I say it a lot, but gosh, I sure do love this man!

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