Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ruidoso 2012

This past weekend we loaded our crew and made a fun trip to Ruidoso, NM. We had originally planned a week long ski/snowboarding trip to Durango, CO (along with our great friends Dusty, Sarah and their precious 2 month old babes Mason and Mallory); however, a little accident *cough cough* on a dirt bike proved that skiing/snowboarding would not be the best decision for our little family. We had already promised Maddox that he would see mountains and snow, so we made a shorter trip to Ruidoso and allowed the little man to go snow sledding/tubbing with Daddy!!! This trip was a hit. Maddox and Bradley had a blast tubbing (poor Paxton was too little to do the "big" runs like his brother and Daddy, and he was so so sad that he was unable to join in the big boy fun, he would not even allow himself to enjoy the little kid run that he was able to sled down!!). We all enjoyed the time away from home and the uninterrupted time as a family. 
This was our first trip to travel with Paxton sleeping in a big boy bed and I must say he did fabulously. The boys slept on a pull out couch together and while we had to remind them several times that it was in fact BED time and not PLAY time, they eventually fell sound asleep and did beautifully if I must say so myself!!
This is certainly a trip I will never forget and I hope we can duplicate again soon!!!

Me and the littlest (soon to be middle) 

Daddy and his little buddy

Madd in his snow bibs ready to hit the snow

My 3 precious boys. Oh Paxton, that smile!!!

We were ready to go!!!

Madd and Daddy after their first Run

The big boys getting some big air on that jump. Maddox squealed in joy (Daddy too)

Daddy pulling Madd to the next run. 

Taking a break while Daddy tried to play a little with Paxton

Paxton on the little kid run!

Paxton getting ready to go!!

Go buddy Go!!!

My bear and my fox!!

Sheesh, those boys could fly down that run!!!

Paxton and Mommy spent the last hour in the car. He had had enough!

Playing cars


Sweet boy. So happy he got to go tubbing with daddy!!

Sleepy Paxton

Trying to get a pic with Maddox (could you tell Paxton wanted in on the picture too!!!!!)

Enjoying some chips and salsa

Getting ready to go swimming!! They had a blast

Yummy frozen yogurt!

The boys LOVED their yogurt!!!!

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